What is the appraisers research foundation?

The Appraisers Research Foundation is a 501"c" 6  not-for-profit foundation. The foundation's purpose is to provide grants for research benefiting all of the disciplines of the appraisal profession and the public.

The purpose of the corporation

The Appraisers Research Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation organized and existing under the Delaware General Corporation Law to conduct activities and provide financial and other support to organizations and activities selected by the Corporation’s Board of Directors in order to further the appraisal profession for the benefit of the profession and the general public.

The objectives of The Appraisers Research Foundation (TARF)

The objectives of The Appraisers Research Foundation (TARF) are to facilitate the research, testing and report development of new methodologies, techniques or procedures to best serve the publics who use, own or control property interests.   TARF does not warrant or express an opinion of the analysis or conclusions expressed in the research articles found on the TARF website.  TARF does not verify the underlying data, procedure(s) or methodology used by the various authors of the research articles found on the TARF website.  Reliance on the information found on the website is solely upon the user of the information. 

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