• Depreciation in items of Plant, Machinery, and Equipment *

    Novel application of the Discounted Cash Flow Method for assessing Percent Good Factors in respect of second-hand items of machinery and equipment. Contact Prof. S.A. Smolyak of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI) of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS).

  • Hotel and Restaurant Feasibility *

    Research and seminar development of Critical Factors in Hotel and Restaurant Feasibility by Bill Way, Assistant Professor, Department of Hospitality and Tourism, P.O. Box 790, Menomonee, WI 54751-0790, University of Wisconsin-Stout. 715-232-1276 office.

  • Environmental Contamination *

    Research of Commercial Real Estate and Environmental Contamination. Contact Thomas O. Jackson, Ph.D., MAI, CRE, Real Property Analytics, Inc. 4805 Spearman Drive, College Station, TX 77845-4412. 979-690-1755, Fax 979-690-1750.

* Please contact author directly.