A Guide to The Valuation of Recreational Land with Trout Streams

An Analysis of Wisconsin’s Driftless Region

By: Richard S. Larkin, SRA

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Table of Contents

About the Author
Chapter 1 – Overview
Chapter 2 – An Introduction to Wisconsin’s Driftless Region
Chapter 3 – Anatomy of A Trout Stream
Chapter 4 – The Analysis of A Recreational Market
Chapter 5 – The Appraisal Process
Chapter 6 – Appraisal Methodologies
Chapter 7 – The Market Value Contribution of A Water Feature and Other Appraisal Considerations
Chapter 8 – Paired Data Analysis – Trout Stream vs. Non-Trout Stream Recreational Parcels
Chapter 9 – Other Appraisal Methodologies
Chapter 10 – Listings
Chapter 11 – Replicability
Chapter 12 - Conclusions